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So I'm starting my suit thread because it's still release day here of Predators. :D
I've got a hodge podge of stuff that I'm trying to get a smooth theme going. I don't have a very good overall concept drawing yet, just a motivating vision. I get side tracked too easily. This is to accompany my bio sculpt: my blade gauntlet:

and my timer gauntlet:

It seems like it's takin' forever to get this far.... here's a pic of me when I started.

And now:

The test fit of everything I had went good. I need to trim the torso up on the shoulders and the neck. To this point I added my 'wide body' expansion panel to the torso and arms to fit me comfortably. I sculpted a negative of a filler panel the I thought would be just fine for the back. I brushed Mold-Builder latex directly on the clay in a few layers over a couple of days. This latex is more transluscent then what I expected and I was going off of the color to determine thickness. It turned out I made it 3 times as thick as my torso's latex thickness.

The black cloth has the zipper sewn to it and then the latex and the fabric get cut appart. I actually screwed this up by sewing the zipper with a zipper foot. That brought the stitch way too close to the zipper to work smoothly. I had to remove and restitch some spots.

Here the expansion panel is darker because of the black cloth behind it.

This is how I had to adjust the pants to fit. I cut the cod piece and belt off in one piece so that the legs would just rotate out and fit good held up by suspenders from Home Depot.

I'm in the middle of yet another sculpture... the buckle and cod peice.

Last updated 14/Sep/2010